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1. The Fly Williams FW07 conversion will require the following pieces:

a) A Shapeways chassis available here:

Policar parts numbers necessary to complete the gearbox:
PC-H03 - motor mount
PC-PPA01 - set of bushings
PC-PGS8018/17/16 - rear axle with gear. note choose either of the 18/17/16 denotes which gear you prefer. standard cars come with the 17 tooth version.
PC-PGI2516-PL - crown gear and spacers
PC-PPI429015 - pinion (be careful using equivalents as these are specifically sized)
PC-H04 - motor mount screws - The gearbox has a unique screw fixing so you will need these whatever motor you wish to use (see also below).
PWH1218-Pl - front wheel hubs. These come in sets of 4 so you only need one pack for two conversions.

c) Policar parts numbers I suggest but that might be interchangeable:
PC-PMX01 - motor. Note that the Policar gearbox has a single central top screw fixing position and so if you don't use this motor make sure yours has this hole! Also potential club rules might legislate for a single motor formula in due course.
PC-PPA02 - rear axle stopper - you may choose to use other types but be careful with sizes and what will fit.
PC-H05 - gearbox to chassis fixing screws - these are the correct size but other (and potentially other) types will also fit.

d) Other parts to complete the build:
Rear wheels and tyres
I have used Ostorero Lotus 79 wheels and tyres as I have them and because they are round and grippy.
The RS Scalextric replacement aluminium hubs available through pendles are a good option as the hub in this case does not get in the way or look too bad. Tyres to fit are available from various producers.
The design parameters are that they should be about 21mm dia. and 14-16mm wide. to match the ones on the model.
Front tyres:
Use those from the original donor vehicle.

e) Front axle
Any normal 3/32 axle should work but it must be 56mm long.

f) Guide etc.
The Policar range is designed to use the CH85 screw in pick up. Others may fit to your choice.
Wire. Given the limited space in the front of these cars I suggest some thin wire.
Braids (thin as possible suggested).
Eyelets or grub screws to your choice.

g) A donor vehicle Williams FW07 by Fly.
Actually you will only need the body and the rear spoiler so if you can get these as spares then do so.

2. The Conversion:

a) Unscrew the 4 body screws underneath and the screw under the gearbox cover at the rear.

Remove the front tyres for re use.
Remove the chassis and put it in the spares bin.
Retain the body mounting screws for re use.

Cut out two areas of bodywork underneath:

I. The rear of the seat (which has no structural or aesthetic purpose.
ii. The rear side seat assembly fixing (as this will foul the new gearbox screw fixing position).

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c) Cut away small areas of the rear of the Policar gearbox so that the protruding end slips into the front end of the spoiler fixing 'box'.

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Slide the spoiler on to the gearbox and mark on the spoiler base the centre of the hole through the rear of the gearbox.
Drill a 1.5mm hole in the bottom of the spoiler 'box'.

Screw the two together using one of the bodywork screws (or similar). Mine is a bit big but something more subtle could easily be arranged.

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d) Assemble the gearbox, rolling chassis, front axle, guide and everything else.

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Test fit and do not force together. Depending which screws you have used to hold the gearbox to the chassis the screws may need to be shortened to not foul the inside of the body.

Ensure the wires run OVER THE TOP of the bar above the front axle to ensure the wires don't rub on the axle and stop it rotating freely.
On the car there is just enough space above the centre of the nose for the wires to feed through so make sure these are not trapped during assembly.

e) Screw it all together.

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f) Track test.



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