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Very nicely done and I admire you skill and patience. I like unusual cars and that Williams has a certain charm.

On the real car the aim was to improve aerodynamic flow, particularly through the rear diffuser, hence the use of narrower tyres. I think the 4WD element was to try to help the smaller tyres last longer, rather than traction benefit of 4WD in the conventional sense.

The earlier, similarly laid-out March was looking for aero gains too, but in that case low drag, as was the six wheel Tyrrell.

However - doubtless motivated by my being a lazy sod - I can't help feeling that on a slot car such a rear 4WD set up offers only disadvantages (friction losses and inconsistent contact patch for the tyres) and no real benefits that some better tyres on a standard rear axle wouldn't give you.

Still a nice model though.

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