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I have a stock of burnt out motors, maily mabouchi and SCX RX's, that have died on me during the past few years, that I could probably have a go at. I suppose Ive never thrown them out because ive thought I may be able to repair them.

I have a nerve problems in my wrists due to an accident as child, so my hands shake. I can control it when I really concentrate. (Im not disabled (but its a disability and a right pain in the @ss. I have total admiration of the courage I see in people with worse afflictions) Ive opened a few motor cans up, which is hard enough, but winding motors with wire than thin
, I think will be beyond my capabilities. However, saying that, i have heard and read, that re-winding motors can really boost performance.

Its a topic I know very little about, and would be very interested in anything you can direct my way. Even if I try it - Im not loosing anything - itll be worth the experience.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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