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I have asked this question in another time and place,thought I would try this forum

Some wireless controllers would be cool
The Carrera set corded option has been repaired to nearly non-functional,I need new!
Cordless would be nice for the times when you feel like "just stand by that curve,I know the car will fly off right away".

Carrera D132 would be OK but I don't need digital and I would like to hear more glowing reviews.
Don't know when O2 is coming out,don't know how long I can hang on.
Scorpius looks great, but would be like me buying a Cadillac on a Chevy budget.

Anybody have good results using RC TX-RX and electronic speed controllers ?
Looks like you could get set up for the price of a decent Homeset wired controller.
If the response of the electronics and feel were kind of right

Any success stories?

Thank you for your attention
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The Scorpius boys are doing a cordless analogue controller module which would probably be just the thing you're after. Don't know how far along it is in the production line though.

Injectorman would be the best one to talk to on that score.
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