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Wireless power transfer (WPT)

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WPT is becoming a big thing with EV vehicles, we have it in phone, cordless toothbrushes, and more. Hopefully it could be scaled down into our slot car hobbies, giving us the ability to run without pickup shoes or brushes and keeping cars with better slot tracking. I like to see new things, so the slot car technologies can advance with young brilliant hobbyists.
I'm tossing it out there for the techs.
Thanks for this Slot Forum
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Nice idea 馃挕, but those in car wireless chargers take ages to put any meaningful charge back into your phone , even the wired ones typically charge at 500ma...

I think at present it's maybe good enough to power LEDs, technology races on though but we need to get to a point where 6000ma is available and that's just for Scalextric digital 6 car grid..
I have seen this idea implemented in our Engineering department.
The student final year project is to build a RC car (1/10 scale) that takes power from the track (the track has coils underneath it) and race it against other teams' cars.
It could be scaled down but the power that goes under the track is for sure much higher than 12V.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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