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Greg Gaub
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I'm hoping that you've already considered this, but if not, please do. I think it will be a great idea and help sell your product to a somewhat apprehensive American market.

The suggestion is simple. Sell a box that bundles the oXigen SCP1 cartridge (no controller handle) and the Cartridge Radio Interface. Sell this as a SCP1 "Wireless upgrade kit" or something similar. There are many analog users in the states that love their SCP1, but would balk at having to buy two more, separate items to convert their controller to wireless. But, put them together and knock the price down a little (from what they would cost separately), and more people will give it a try. Since the controller still needs to be powered, a simple battery box with the necessary jack for the O2 SCP1 cartridge would be a good idea, if that's not already to be included with the O2 cartridge.

I'm greatly looking forward to these products being available and showing them off to all my friends. I'm hoping that it will be easier to convince them to get them as well, and a bundle as above will go a long way toward that goal.

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