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Hi guys,

This weekend I start to build my permanent track... finally...

It is a ninco track... and it would be around 20 meters.
I have a good adjustable power supply, and it works fine at the without extra wiring. But I want to wire the thing extra... I want to give it power every two meters... so there isn't a piece that has les power than another.

How do I do that? Do I just connect cables to the start piece, and connect (soldering) them to a track piece that is about two meters further away?

Do you think I have to put better cables in the start piece too? The standard ones look very thin!

Tell me... What have you guys done to improve your track power?

Although we raced this layout for weeks (always putting up the same track has it's advantages...) I won't give the extra power immediately... I want to testrun the trackdesign a few days, that I know for sure it's the one that I want...

So... give me your advice... and thanks in advance...

I'll photograph the whole proces of building the track and put it up here...


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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