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Wolverhampton SCC Early Birds GP 2019 sponsored by Pendle Slot Racing

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Entries are invited for the 15th running of Early Birds, to be run on the International Track, on Sunday March the 17th 2019.
Wolverhampton SCC would like to thank Pendle Slot Racing for their continued sponsorship of this event.

Model Specifications;
Dedicated GP and F1 cars only
No Indy, stripped down sports cars or Voiturettes
Scale. 1/32 +/- 1.5mm
Ground clearance..... minimum 2mm.

In line motor configuration only
Build components from any era, may be used.
All enveloping 'Streamliners' may be used, but must not have full width chassis , this rules also applies to Lancia/Ferrari models
with large 'side tanks'. Any 'Streamliner' chassis must be able to be fitted under the open wheel version of the model.

Resin, GRP, Wood, Plastic or thin Alloy, hard bodies only.
No Lexan or Vac formed bodies
Obscure or rare cars must have supporting evidence such as literature, photographs etc.

Guide Position;
One guide only.
The guide must not be visible, when the car car is viewed from above, in the direction of travel.

Wheels and Tyres;
Black rubber, Ortmann, or other Urethane tyres. No silicon or sponge.

Appropriate wheel inserts must be fitted.

# See note #

Wheel/Tyre Dimensions;
GP Cars up to and including 1951.

Rear Tyres Min.Dia. 24.00 mm
Front Tyres Min.Dia. 21.50 mm
Maximum O/A Tyre width 7mm measured across the sidewalls, front and rear.
Minimum front tyre width. 5mm.

F1 Cars, from 1952 up to and including 1960.
Rear Tyres Min.Dia. 21.50 mm
Front Tyres Min.Dia. 19.00 mm
Maximum O/A Tyre width 7.5mm measured across the sidewalls, front and rear.
Minimum front tyre width 5mm.

# Note on wheel inserts #

It has been noted that some models (racing only) have been using paper wheel inserts. Printed 'photo' type or worse still,

felt tip drawn on cardboard! No paper type wheel inserts will be allowed.

They must be 3 dimensional made from; plastic, Resin, metal or wood.
Opening Times.
Saturday 16th March (practice) Doors open 11am.... 4.30pm
Sunday 17th March 8.15am.......5pm.

All models will be inspected.
A maximum of 2 models per entrant, this applies to scrutineering and Racing.
After heats, one model only to be used in Step up finals.

Race Format
Heats (3 mins) and set laps ladder finals.
Track Voltage 13.6 volts.

Concours de Elegance
A panel will be appointed to judge cars, which must be working slot models from the period of this event, 1933-1960.

Trophies and Prizes;
1st 2nd 3rd in Concours and Racing.
A single Trophy will be awarded to the highest placed GP model (1933-1951)
Trophies and Prizes from the Event sponsor Pendle Slot Racing, many thanks too Sean.

Entry Details;
Entry fee. A small increase this year to £10 =one entry per person, but it must be paid before the cut off date of ###JANUARY 31st 2019###.
Any entries not paid by this date will pay £12.00 as a late entry fee.
Payment by cheque, PO, or in cash. Cheques payable to "Wolverhampton Scalextric Club" marked "EB Entry"
Send payment to;
Malcolm Scotto 73 Broad Street, Bilston WV14 OBZ
Once 40 paid entries have been received, entry will then be closed, but we will start a reserve list.
I will publish a list of paid entries received to date, once I have double checked my notes.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards,
Bill, Malcolm and all at WSCC.
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This post MUST be read out load with a deep, slow, churchillian accent.

Never~~~~~~~~in the field of human slot racing~~~~~~~~~~has an entry list~~~~~~~~~~~

been shown~~~~~~~~~~~so many times ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to so many ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~by ~~~~~~~~~~so few.

mac p
Oh dear, thats a shame.

Maybe if the presentation was re-jigged a little it would be a little more attractive to prospective entrants,

make it a little more dynamic ?? who knows ??

mac p
hi Roy, as you know iv not raced for quite a number of years now but i still

have a look around the forum from time to time.

for me it seems a shame that the entry list is a little light and thought it may

help if the opening gambit was a little more dynamic to attract a bigger entry

as we have had such a good response in the past.


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Hi John, i hope your well.

i hope no one has taken my comments the wrong way ? they where meant in a lighthearted way

but i wished to highlight were things may, i say may be improved to attract a larger entry list, i

do take your point John as to the number of events today, but i think you will agree, spread over

the year we do have a greater choice but not an overload.

this is one of the reasons a meeting should catch the eye and be inviting, as i was hinting at,

if it stands out from the crowd it stands a better chance of being well attended

With Early Birds you will notice that

The colorful header picture has been dropped.

The banner "early birds 50" has been dropped , {this denoted the final was of 50 laps}

There is no longer a mention in the opening lines its for fine scale models.

THe concourse trophy is not of great significance as against the racing pots. it was supposed

to attract hand built and scratch built cars.

Of course all the above comments are made thinking that WSCC wishes to continue in the same

vain as in the past, BUT, it may be that the present days thinking could be they wish to take things

in a different direction and try other possibilities.

what ever happens i do wish WSCC the very best in the future.

mac p
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Hi Bill, Ill say no more only to wish WSCC all the very best.


mac p
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