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Here are the details and model specifications.

Wolverhampton Slot Car Club
Claregate Centre - Aldersley Stadium,Aldersley Leisure Village,Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton,West Midlands, WV6 9NW.
Doors open; 10am Saturday for practice and set up, 8.30am Sunday Race Day.
Hot Food and drinks available on Sunday.
Entry Fee (one class only) £7 per driver in advance, please.
Advance Entry Fee payment cheques, P/O's, made payable to 'Wolverhampton Scalextric Club' and sent to;

Malcolm Scotto.
73 Broad Street,
West Midlands,
WV14 0BZ

Entries Invited.
All entries provisional until paid.

Wolverhampton SCC will hold the Pre War and Brooklands 'Classic' Event, sponsored by Penelope Pit Lane and Tertre Rouge Racing Cars, on the Weekend of 17th/18th November 2012.

Saturday 20th November will be an open practice day with £1 donations to the Acorns Children's Hospice, practice time from 10:00 till 16:30. Hotel facilities should be available, details will be posted later.
Prize Donations for the raffle would be most appreciated.

Class 2.
For models raced at Brooklands in the period 1920 to 1939 and 1.5 Litre GP cars of the 1920's.
General Rules
This event has one mandatory stipulation;
1. Both Classes; All rear tyres (or driven wheels) to be ORTMANN

All models to be good 1/32 scale representations of real prototypes raced at Brooklands 1920-1939 and 1920's 1.5 litre GP models.
All models Wheelbase to be to 1/32 SCALE (tolerance +/- 2 mm )
All models should be finished in correct, period racing liveries, and have at least 2 racing numbers displayed.
All models should have a period style steering wheel and 3 dimensional driver figure (min; upper torso, arms, period head/helmet)
All models of prototypes that had a clear windscreen, must have windscreens fitted.
No chassis, motor, lead wires etc, should be visible from above or through the cockpit.
The guide must not be visible from above (in straight ahead posistion) and must not protrude beyond front most point of the model.
The Organisers reserve the right to exclude any model they deem 'not in the spirit of the event'.

All bodies to be 'hard', made from; F/Glass, plastic, Resin, wood, metal (thin alloy sheet only).
No Vacuum formed bodies allowed.

Can be made from; Metal, plastic, F/glass, Wood, Resin.
Must be Inline configuration only.
Minimum ground clearance; 3mm.
Maximum overall Width; (the max width is measured from the outer edge of the R/H wheel to outer edge of L/H wheel)
Over 2 litre models; 54mm
Under 2 litre models; 51mm.
No model will be allowed to run if wider than these limits.

Free choice.

Wheels and Tyres
Wheel & tyre Minimum diameter;
Over 2 litre; Rear 25mm.... front 24mm.
Under 2 Litre; rear 23mm....front 22mm.
Maximum overall width; Rear tyre 6mm (contact width 5mm).
Rear tyres or driven wheels, must be from the Ortmann range.
Front tyres; any rubber/ortmann type, but no silicons or spongies.
All wheels should be in keeping with the real cars and have appropriate wheel inserts fitted.

Class 1.
For all other Pre War and 'Novelty' models.
This class is for those models built to Phil Insull's 2008 event rules.
Any Pre War model not permited in class 2, e.g. American roadsters, pre 1920 Brooklands models, pre war road cars, Racerbouts, Bearcats, flying bedsteads etc etc.
Model pecifications and tyre rules the same as class 2, with the following two exceptions.
1/ Ground Clearance 4mm.
2/ Tyre width (contact area) 4mm.
Body Types excluded from both classes;
No motorized die cast models. No all enveloping bodies (Bugatti 'Tank' type)
There will be a Concours competition, judged by Dave Capelen (TRRC) and Steve Ward (Penelope Pit Lane).
To both of these Gentlemen, Wolverhampton SCC extends its gratitude for their patronage of this event.
Concours models must compete in at least 1 heat.

There will be trophys and Prizes to the top 3 in Racing of class 1 and class 2, and the Concours competition.
TRRC and PP may also give prizes to the top placed models from their product range

All models will be scrutineered.
2 cars Maximum entry per driver (one class only), no 'loan' models after racing has started
Class 1
3 minute heats, all heat totals to count, followed by step up finals, Top 2 qualifiers to A Final. 1 to go up from each final, until the semi final when the top 2 will go through to the Final.
Semi Final to be 4 minute heat
Final to be 2x 3 minute races with a 1 minute interval, where drivers can clean tyres and braids at the Parc Ferme area.
The second 3 minute race will involve a lane change for all drivers.

Class 2.
3 minute heats, step up finals to semi (4 minute), where top 2 drivers advance to the grand final and join the top 2 qualifiers.
Grand Final.
Spit 50 lap Race. 25 laps on an inner lane followed by 25 laps on an outer lane. Lowest aggregate time for both races wins.
48 entries available. If insufficient entries received for either class, then I will offer a double entry (£12.00) nearer the event date, on a first come first served basis.

Please post all entries on this thread (or to me by PM) and state which class you wish to enter.
Kind Regards Bill Charters.

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Thank you Dick.
Entries noted.
On the subject of Tyres.
I will try to get a 'time line' on Ortmann tyre development from RS Slotracing, as to the change from the original 'White' Ortmanns through the various 'blue' stages to where we are now.
The first 'Ortmann Only' Brooklands event at Wolves was marked with good consistant grip throughout the meeting.
I think this tyre formula for these models is correct, and keeps a reasonable, even, 'playing field'.
Kind Regards Bill.

John Roche
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Hi Bill,

It's a scary thought but I might be able to make it to 2 Wolves metings this year.

i'm planning on coming to the Le Mans event nextr month and already have a car ready.

I also have cars ready for both these classes so I'll see you at the Le Mans meeting and pay my entry.



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Hi Bill, I would like an entry please, provisionally for both classes


Martin De Ath
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Hi there Bill..

Could I please have an entry for both classes, thank you.

All the best.. Martin.

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All above entries noted, with thanks.
Just to re-state, only one entry to one class in the first instance. If we fall short of the full 48, then nearer the date, I will offer a second entry... first come first served.
Regards Bill

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Hi Bill,

Further to our email conversation this morning, please put me down for an entry. I've not done this meeting before but have suitable cars that need building - now I have a reason to build them!

Also, and the reason for this posting, is to let you all know that I'll bring my "shop" as usual, so there'll be a supply of Ortmanns on the day.

See you all at Le mans meeting in 10days.



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Thanks Colin.
Entry noted.
As Colin has refered to our recent emails concerning Ortmann tyre development, I will post all the relevant information this weekend.
Regards Bill.

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Gentlemen, As promised;

Ortmann Tyre information.
A 'Brief history of Ortmann ' as imported to the UK.

R.S. Slotracing became Ortmann UK dealers in early 2003, soon building a good reputation for suppling and helping slot car enthusiasts with Ortmann tyres. Micheal Ortmann's range of 'Speedy Weasel' Grey compound tyres became very popular with racers and home users alike, offering excellent grip on most track surfaces.
I have been in contact with Colin Spark, owner of R.S. Slotracing, and asked him for information on development of Ortmann tyres, since 2003. All quotes in the following text are from emails received from Colin, with his permission.

During the fall of 2008, the 'Grey compound' became unserviceable and was no longer made...

''Original "grey" Ortmanns are no longer available and have been out of production for 4years. The reason was that European legislation banned the use of the solvent based catalyst. Unfortunately no warning of this ban was given to Micheal, and consequently when Ortmann went to buy more material, it was unavailable. Suddenly he no product to make tyres with!''

A new formula was then produced, and offered for sale early 2009... this new compound became known as ''Blue''.

''An alternative was given by the manufacturer - the "blue" formula - and Ortmann had no choice but to use it on trust. Altough it worked OK on most surfaces, it proved to be no match for the first series 'Grey' tyres. He immediately started a search for a non solvent based product that was equal to the "grey" formula. It took a year of testing, testing and more testing until finally he found the current "competition" formula ( which is not blue by the way ).

Ortmanns youngest son, Alex, used this formula in the Junior International Plafit Series and won.(A top, serious competiton). Need I say more?

The "blue" formula is no more. I don't sell it. I returned any stock I had with the exception of a few front tyres ( where grip isn't important). These have all sold as well now.

So, for the last two years I've been supplying "competition" formula - the new "grey" if you like. It's equally as good as the original, in fact it's better. It gives off no smell and none of that grey dust, but even better than that, it casts so much better, giving higher quality tyres. This means rounder tyres and better fitting and less or no sanding.'
This new 'Competition Grey' formula was sold by R.S. from January 2010 onwards.

''Now all Ortmanns are "competiton formula" and have been for 2 years, now into year 3. Quality and performance are the best ever!''

Colin has good stocks of most of his Vintage size tyres, and will be at Wolverhampton SCC for the forthcoming Le Mans sports car event, so a good opportunity to stock up ready the November Brooklands event.
I would just like to point out, I have no connection with R.S. Slotracing, and have to pay full price for my tyres like everyone else!
My thanks to Colin, for supplying the above information, and I hope this clears up a few 'Myths and Legends' concerning these tyres.
Kind Regards Bill.

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Bad news guys - I've double booked myself.

Unfortunately this event clashes with Orpington Swapmeet and I'm already booked in there so I'll have to give it a miss. Shame as I'd love to have a go at these cars but I can't be in two places at once and I've already made the booking with Phil.

The good news is that I will be at the Saloon event in October and will of course bring tyres, so you'll be able to get Ortmanns for this event then.

Sorry to mess you about Bill but I appreciate your offer of a place - just should have checked the calender first!


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Thanks for the entry, good chance of there being 5-6 doubles available nearer the date.
No problem old chap, I hope your Orpington meet goes well.
Cheers Bill.
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