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Regulations Wolves - OCAR Euro Jap Pre 1980 Saloons Classic

Maximum 48 Entrants - to be held on the 4 lane International Circuit Sunday 7th Oct 2012
Cars should be 1/32nd scale four seater based European or Japanese Manufacturer Saloon and hatchback Cars pre-1980. No GT or LM sports cars and No Group 5 / mod-saloon or silhouette cars. Entries do not have to be recognised racing machines but should be presented in either plain road car or period racing livery (Try to avoid rally liveries please).
Entry fee £7 per driver - please register your interest no later than 14th January 2012 entry fees should be paid by 4th March 2012, priority will be given to entrants who participated in the 2011 Wolves Classics meetings. Cheques payable to "Wolverhampton Scalextric Club" can be sent via:
Phil Insull
372 Himley Road
Gornal Wood

Hard bodies only E.g. Rigid Plastic, Resin, Glass Fibre, Wood, but No lexan or flexible vac formed type bodies please - cars should be readily recognisable compared to the real thing.
In all cases where wide arches are used proof of them on the real car may be required and arches may not extend more than 2mm either side of the main bodywork.
Guide assembly and wheels/tyres should not be visible when the car is viewed from directly above with the guide centralised.
No sponge or silicon tyres please, and no tyre additives - cars will be handed to a start marshal for this event and any substances on the tyres will be wiped off before the cars are placed on the track.
Chassis can be from any material but may only have a maximum of two hinged parts including a drop arm if used - only one motor per chassis and this must be mounted in-line.
Bodies must be securely fixed to the chassis by means of screws or body pins or solidly glued (No taped on bodies) Body rock is permissible but screws and pins must remain in properly place during the races any screws or pins which fall out / off during a heat will mean that the score from that heat is disallowed.

The 2012 Pre-1980 Euro-Jap Saloon Event will be split into 2 categories,

Class 1 Small Saloons with a maximum wheelbase of 73mm, maximum body width of 48mm including arches, Maximum body length 120mm, and maximum track of 45mm. Wheels and tyres with a minimum diameter overall of 15mm Fronts and Rears, max tyre overall width 5 mm. (Note this is maximum sidewall to sidewall width NOT contact patch)

Class 2 Large Saloons with a maximum body length of 156mm, maximum wheelbase of 96mm and a maximum width including arches of 65mm and a maximum track of 58mm. Wheels and tyres with a minimum diameter overall of 18mm Fronts and Rears, max tyre overall width 8 mm. (Note this is maximum sidewall to sidewall width NOT contact patch)

Note: Class 1 cars to have a minimum ground clearance between the wheelbases of 1.0mm.

Class 2 cars to have a minimum ground clearance between the wheelbases of 2.0mm.
All Cars should be built to within +/- 2mm tolerance of 1/32nd Scale I do not expect to see Escorts 156mm long! Cars which do not appear reasonably correct will not be permitted to run.

Motor Restrictions - In Line Only - no other restrictions but if it causes power cut out to trigger on the 13 volt supply then you won't be going very far!

Entrants can enter two cars each through scrutinising and may only race those cars he or she has had checked for themselves - no sharing, borrowing of other competitors cars once scrutinising has closed is not permitted. If your car or both cars break during the meeting or are not running well I'm afraid that's just tough luck as it would be in a real motor race.

Concours cars must compete in at least one qualifying race, drivers who wish to enter both class 1 and class 2 cars can do so, but they will automatically go in the class 2 (Large Saloons) finals. Only drivers who stick to using class 1 type Small saloon cars in all four qualifying heats may enter the class 1 finals. Up to 2 different cars may be used and entered into Concours providing they both race at least once. Concours will be judged for the 2012 Pre-1980 Euro-Jap Saloon Event by an expert panel. Qualifying heats will be 3 minutes duration, with scores from all four lanes being counted. Finals will be then run by the two classes with a ladder finals system.

· Martin De Ath
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Hi there Phil..

Could you please put me down for an entry.

I will also pay at Earlybirds, if thats OK.

Thank you.

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

· Philip Insull
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Hi All,
Mick, Alan, Pete, Chris, David, Martin, Alexis & Maria, thank you all for your prompt responses, payment at E-B is fine but as per the Le mans posting if anyone wants to pay cash at E-B I really would appreciate the correct change.
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