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OK, here's my Womp, slightly modified of course.

Motor is a Mura Challenger, probably over 50K on 12 volts. This car used to blister my Revell track.

I have used my all time favorite body mount method, wood blocks, glued into the sills, and, two screws through the side pans. You get a lot of flexibility and adjustability of the body looseness by tightening and loosening these two screws to fine tune the handling.

Now, show us your Womps, either stock or modified.

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Gee Al you are miss leading everyone! That looks more like a Thumper to me!
Nice neat build as usual, we used womps for a NASCAR series about 10 years ago with bodies from Kmart pull back toys, they made good cars for close racing.

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QUOTE (ClubSpecial @ 1 Jan 2012, 23:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can someone tell me what a Womp is?


Parma yes they with the cheap controllers also make cars and chassis. one of the chassis is caled womp. search for Parma and you will see.
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