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Wood Track Router Base Plate

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A 3D printed router base that allows for 3", 3.5", or 4" (or any measurement, actually) lane spacing. Some modifications to the plate may be required to mate up to the router base being used. Uses your existing router hardware. Since these are 3D printed, I can "pre-drill" the holes for mounting it to your router. All I need is some information about your router, so that I can make sure the holes are the right size, and in the right places. As mentioned, I can easily customize the print for whatever lane spacing you want.

$20 +shipping USD


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Router base plates are now 3D printed, and customized to your needs. I can include the holes necessary for your specific router with a simple photograph (with a ruler laid across) of the base of the router, or send me the important measurements. I can also adjust the plate radius options for any lane spacing you want, such as to Scalextric lane spacing, if you're making a digital track and want to maintain the same spacing as the digital pieces. Any lane spacing options are possible, and the plate can have up to three options in one, as shown, but at any spacing you want. If you don't already have a router, I can print it solid so that you can drill the holes later, though that's not recommended.
This looks like an excellent tool.

I was thinking 2 spacings, i.e 2" and 6". Put your nail in guide down the middle and then do 2 lanes either side to make a four lane track. (4" / 100mm lane space)
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Entirely possible. :)
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