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It is a strange thing how a car that performs well on sectional track may not perform well on a routed track even with magnetic braid? while others that perform poorly on sectional track do much betterr on the the routed/magnetic braid combination? some bad on both & still others good on both?

Generally the advice here is good though! Set up for no magnets & then add them later if necessary.

I am not familiar with the construction techniques used to build the track in question, but the track I ran on for a time was just about ruined by the pan car guys loading magnets into thier Flys trying to get them to run like there was glue on the track or something??? The cars had so much down force that after a time the braid was being pulled up!!! Then the cars actually went slower because the braid was being dragged along the bottom of the car!?!?!!! All the while they were totally clueless wondering why I was passing them!!!!!!
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