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Wookies Track Plan

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Hi all im fairly new to slot cars although ive spent a fair time reading about it on here, anyway i hope my track plan is attached to this if not you can view it in my gallery not a pc expert sory ! Iwould appreciate any comments any of you may have about my track thanks


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Wow !!!

You must have a bit of cash to flash with that many lane changers.

Why so many ?

Are you just drawing-in all possible positions...
...from which to decide on the final selected positions ?



I assume your using Sport track or is that Ninco ?
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I love your double-apex chicane type complex at the centre of the 'L'.

That should be a blast to drive.
They really sort the men from the boys !

More time won or lost in those sections, than on the straights; just like the 1:1


Hi Wookie

You could have triggering probs. with the 'X' changer after the pits.
You would do better to move it along a bit.
Why follow this imediatly, with a curve changer ?
You could just use 1 here.

The 'X' changer on the 2nd from bottom track, parallel to the pit-entry, may have the same trigger issues.
You could move it along a bit.

Personaly I favour more 'C' changers, than 'X' ones, but choosing which direction one to buy then becomes an issue.
Outside-to-in, L or R, would be my answer to that, but depends a bit on the track-map


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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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