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Not a bad workbench!

Here's mine - Casting couch...err, bench - this is in the garage shop. I'm blessed to have a 10x10' room attached and heated!

My workbench (yes, I'm the boy living in the cupboard under the stairs - I wanted to maximize space for the track!): No, the bench is not warped, I'm getting some weird fish-eye effect in the pictures.

Yes, the boxed in pole is in the way, but since I'm the only one working there, it hasn't bothered me at all.

I use the tall cabinet on the left to hold all of my cast cars and parts such as the glass, etc. as I make them.

The hose under the bench is coming through the wall - I have a shop vac on the other side of the wall in the storage area that is hooked to a switched outlet on the bench and I can turn it on when needed - such as when using the Dremel or just cleaning up the bench. The PC is networked so I can surf, research cars, and watch/listen to music, DVDs or shows on the internet while working.

This is hogging the other side of the room:

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