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Here's a few pic's of my workspace and some of the things that have been adapted to help in the quest of fast, good handling slot cars!

A handy use for old scaley box bases, screw them to the wall for a shelf!

Put together for running cars in, with built in cooling fan for the motor

Remember those old cassette holders?

more drawers for spares

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I really like your "running in" rig! That is really quite pun intended.

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I agree with Keeto, That's an excellent idea for keeping the motor cool.

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QUOTE (CJA @ 13 Nov 2011, 12:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>ideal for building some brass chassis !!??.
vbr Chris.

Chris, This is the clean area I have another workshop, for the "Dirty Work" with a proper vice etc only it's cold in there
You must come round one day!

Slotcarscrapyard - Chris D great use of space it's interesting to see the items that are not Slotcars that we use in the same way

Love the work on the Charger...

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This is a bit of a bump to an Oldie....but a Goldie

I recently had to rearrange one of the kids rooms to get rid of the old single furniture and set up the room to cater for a couple, obviously getting older now

The upside was I could recycle the study desk into a new slot car workbench

Step 1 - get rid of the existing workbench (this photo is a bit old circa 2010 and quite tidy compared to current day, I forgot to take a "before" photo


Step 2 - setup old study desk into new and improved workbench

Table Computer desk Shelving Interior design Wood

Step 3 - now I have to tidy up the Race Control Table

Computer Personal computer Table Computer keyboard Input device


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In for a penny, in for a pound. My work space.

I had the luxury of a new house build, so I made the garage wider than a standard double, to allow for work bench(es) down the left side, and storage racking on the right side

But I also made it 30 feet deep, and our roller skate cars are both under 15 feet, so I have space to work, and walk around my track with cars in the garage.

For club nights I just park them in the driveway, throw up 3 resin tables for the guys slot cases, and we're ready to rock and roll .. and race .. and eat


I have another shorter bench off to the left, mounted above a draftsmens plan drawer which holds my cars


The parts bins are fairly orderly, and quite bloated.

I am known to have a bit of a lathe addiction. Four tyre lathes, plus the two Unimat SL1000 jewelers lathes like the one above at left

The second is meant to be set up as a vertical milling machine. But it is sitting in a box for lack of work.

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