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I was brought up with Scalextric as a child and have continued to collect and race Scalextric ever since.

Generally I go for 'actual race cars' like Formula One, along with some endurance and rallying cars as well.

I can also be a bit of a nerd as far as matching up cars, numbers and liveries to specific years and drivers is concerned. But I have some cars where despite having done some research, I'm unable to tally to actual race cars. For instance, I own the C2995 Ford GT L.M. (No. 4) but cannot work out if it represents a car that actually raced, and if so, when (which year(s)), in which series and by which driver(s).

I'm hoping that some of you may be able to help me out and help me fill in the blanks but I'm sure some, possibly the C2995 Ford GT L.M. (No. 4), just did not ever race in real life.

So here's my list. If anyone is able to advise or the missing info., or if I am chasing info. on certain cars where it does not exist, I would really appreciate it.

Scalextric C3113 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico Red Year(s) Raced? Driven By?
Scalextric C.144 Lancia 037 Martini, No. 7 Year(s) Raced? Driven By?
Scalextric C3062 Ferrari 308 GTB Martini Colours Year(s) Raced? Driven By?
Scalextric C2081 Mercedes CLK GT1 Le Mans 24, No. 1 Year(s) Raced? Driven By?
Scalextric C2995 Ford GT L.M., No. 4 Year(s) Raced? Driven By?

For instance, I've found pictures of the Mercedes CLK GT1 where there are four of them, numbered 1, 2, 35 & 36. The No. 35 and No. 36 cars were driven in Le Mans 1999 by Bernd Schneider, Mark Webber & Klaus Ludwig, and Jean-Marc Gounon, Ricardo Zonta & Christophe Bouchut. Were the No. 1 and No. 2 cars test/spare cars?

Many thanks to anyone who is able to impart their knowledge and help me out here.

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