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World Indoor Rally Championship 2011

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The fourth World indoor rally championship will be underway in October in Dartmouth Devon.
Local Garage Darmech is putting up £100 to the winner
The event is raising money towards the Greyhound sanctuary in Exeter run by Sally Slater.
If you think you could take on the amazing speed of Dale Lott winner 2010/09 and Jamie
Hudson-Bond 2008 champion and 2010/09 runner up, bring just your thumb and £5. prizes
for each stage. Tea, cake and a beer what more do we want?


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The Track is SCX classic rally/chrono and the four cars are Track one = Aston Martin DB5, Track two Paddy Hopkirk Mini. Track three Audi R10 and Track four Ford Escort mkII. the cars have magnets and of course we have more than one vehicle for each track as we don't expect the cars to last the day.
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Not you again?

How much can you win in one of your slot events?
Audi R10 correctly titled Audi R10 TDi.
The Audi (August Horch) was a Le Mans 24 hour prototype one, introduced in 2006
until it was replaced by the R15.
A very sucessful vehicle.

The world in literal terms only includes occupants of the planet Earth.
Perhaps we could call it champions of the Milkyway, Galaxy, Solar system
or even the universe

One thing is true this event is really open to everybody no club membership
no fancy equipment just a small amount of cash towards a charity.

Would be nice to see you and show your hand
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Thanks chaps, only trying to create interest in slot car racing and make some charity money.
Although the event is very competitive and if you are in the visinity worth a dable.


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We have created something and you haven't.
Championships start some where.
Also you have never seen this event heard of one like it nor probably
will you ever. So we are not stealing anybody elses thunder.
If you understood what you are saying I would listen
but you have no explanation as to how to establish a world
Please note it is called World Indoor Rally Championship, no reference
to slot. radio nor steam driven vehicles. get your facts right. but thanks
for your encouragement for our charity event. see you there if you dare.
Thankyou for your support. we have tried very hard with lots of effort coming from 20+ people to run such an event and plenty of sponsorship from local and national businesses. This is not just a whim with a lot of thought going into this competition.
Thanks again. John Darby and the IFIT crew.
Just thought I would bring our event to the fore on this forum as it is nearing the time.
It would be good to see more serious slotters at this event, although we are busy, stiff competition
is always good to watch. If there are any racers out there close to our venue please pop in,
admission is free and only £5 to enter.

Have a beer and watch novices trying hard to do what you find natural

John D
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Hi Chaps
Just a quick note to say we are holding our World Indoor Rally Championship 2012, on Saturday 29th September from 2.00pm
at the Flavel, Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9ND.
More info to follow.
You can look up information on my blog.

Cheers Rotom
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