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· Russell Sheldon
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I got a note from Chris Wright saying that the chassis will fit those beautiful slim 1960's F-1 cars, as well as the flat winged creations of the 70's.

The chassis and components are available seperately:

Spring steel chassis (chassis only - assembled) soldered $45
BWA/BEARDOG micro motor, with pinion & silicone wires $6
Sonic crown gear $7
Axles, hollow rear, carbon front $6
Bearings $2
BWA wheels $14
Tyres $12
Guide $6
Driver, seat and dash (available at Christmas) $9

You can e-mail Chris for ordering and advise on body applications:

[email protected]

Kind regards


· Alan Tadd
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That is one impressive car.

I guess you either love 'em or hate 'em.

Thanks for the prices Russell, I can now start saving up!.

Do you know if the wheelbase is adjustable? and if there is to be a UK/Europe distributor?.

My only concern is the amount of motor veiwable on the completed car. It seems to be crying out for some sort of engine detail or at least a cover.



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Hi Guys

The March 711 pictured above is the beginings of a prototype, that may or may not come to market.
At the moment it's a Scalextric body on my new chassis...looks like a real slot car.
If it comes to market it'll have a fully detailed engine, gearbox and the airbox-rear end treatment will be made fact the whole body will be recreated so that I don't infringe on hornby's copyright. I only produce originals.
However, the chassis is available now...and it'll fit many existing F-1 cars, its narrow enough to accomodate 60's Lotuses and BRM's, and low enough to fit a Matchbox Surtees or one of those 1970 Scalextric cars that got lost in the toy world when the slot car world crashed in the distant past.
I ship internationaly. e-mail me at [email protected] or go to my web site and contact me through that. My Webpage

Beardog Racing

· Russell Sheldon
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It's interesting that March hedged their bet when they introduced the March 711. Ronnie Peterson's car had a Cosworth DFV engine (pictured in Dennis' post), whilst team mate Andrea de Adamich's car had an Alfa Romeo engine.

That Scalextric body looks like a 711 with a 721X rear-end. Here are some profile drawings of the 711 / 721:

March 711

March 721

March 721X

A strange variant of the March 711 was the 1972 "Eifelland".

Gunther Henerici, a German businessman, wanted to go racing in the early 1970s and to that end he bought a March 721 and had aerodynamicist Lutz Colani play with the design. The result was the unusual looking Eifelland - named for Henerici's caravan company. Rolf Stommelen tried hard for the team and managed to finish in six out of eight attempts.

Kind regards

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