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WRC 2023

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As expected Ott Tanak has signed for M Sport for 2023 to drive a Puma, be interesting to see how the sponsorship and branding is worked out, M Sport have Red Bull backing, I think Ott has Monster as a personal sponsorship deal, roll on the Monte, well not literally, six weeks time.
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Think the parallel is cricket, look at the run rate,T 20 is a F1 sprint race or a BTCC race, a five day test match is endurance racing or a three day rally, different techniques and tactics.

Trussers, Paul Truswell at LM on radio LM has for years and years looked at lap times and average speeds, length of pit stops, multiple tyre stints etc, to try , accidents/incidents and safety cars permitting, to look at who should be where after 24 hours, I personally find it interesting,I accept others may not.

As a teacher, part time now fortunately, I see the attention span of a gnat from the instant gratification, snowflake generation regularly, they will struggle in the real world.
But that's the way the real world is going also
BTCC weekends as a 15-minute highlights package from BHP, produced for BBC Grandstand but sold around the world, made our humble national racing series the second-biggest motorsport series in the world, which drew in huge money and manufacturer investment.

In Sweden, BTCC was screened at 7pm on a weekday like a soap opera, thanks to Rickard Rydell and Volvo.

When they started going live in 1998, that's when the audience started to tumble. The manufacturers left soon after and now I've probably got more people in a WhatsApp than are prepared to sit through a whole day from Snetterhatch on ITV99+

Same is true of the WRC. The 30-minute packages that BHP (again!) did for Grandstand were fabulous, but the new global broadcasts that came in under Dave Richards - as seen on Channel 4 at the time - were even better. But wildly expensive. These days it's only available live with a low-rent broadcast that relies on in-car cameras and the highlights are merely edits of the same footage.

Speaking to Gwyndaf Evans last year, he called it right. There are an infinite number of good stories around every rally, be it in the classes or among local competitors, to flesh out the story of even the dullest event. There's all the prep work and organisation, interesting people out on the stages... but no. Every rally is groundhog day as a broadcast, where there's the 10 WRC cars six times a day, two Media Zones and an end-of-day catch-up on WRC2 and WRC3. No colour or flavour.

It needs imaginative broadcasting to get the numbers. It's not a generational/attention span thing, it's not even enough for it to be 'free-to-view' anymore, as Formula E's miserable following will testify. So for example WEC has a great opportunity now because there are all the manufacturers there eager for their stories to be told. Pretty soon a lot of them will get bored of losing and look for something else to do, and WRC needs to rethink how it presents itself if it's to stand a chance of catching one or two more manufacturers.
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WRC needs to rethink how it presents itself if it's to stand a chance of catching one or two more manufacturers.
The problem is that WRC needs many camera crews moving with the rally. In contrast, cooking shows, which seem to proliferate, can be done by one person and a smartphone. :unsure:

Anyone in need of a fix :unsure:

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WRC, like touring cars and endurance racing, doesn't really benefit from live blow-by-blow coverage. It needs to be edited and packaged like it used to be for mass consumption, which is what F1 has realised with the success of Drive to Survive.

By chance, Drive to Survive hit paydirt because it had an enormous fiery crash just before everyone had to stay at home for six months, so of course its ratings went through the roof, having been a fairly obscure Netflix product pre-Grosjean. That enthusiasm will recede over time, but any branch of the sport still wishing to be active in 2030 needs to be finding the right production companies with the right platforms as a priority.

We the fans will always be there. Usually complaining that it was all so much better 20/30/40+ years ago.

But in most cases it probably wasn't.
WRC live was great 5 years ago but it does feel like it needs someone to take it to the next level now.

the thing that annoyed me the most though was that they got rid of the radio. 3 days wall to wall coverage is great, if you have the time to sit in front of the the tv for 3 days straight but realistically who does?

WRC might not be what it was but what it was wasn’t really sustainable from a coverage or cost perspective so what do you want? Something or nothing?
There was a one hour condensed highlight on ITV4 last night, quite good but it'd be great if they took in more of the rally action from the fiestas and Skoda's.
I watch each day’s coverage as a highlights programme on Red Bull TV. It’s a free app. in the UK and the coverage is excellent with in-car, roadside and drone footage put together in an easily followed way. I can’t comment on anyone else’s coverage as RB TV gives me all I need. It’s all archived too so you can catch up at any time.
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