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Wye Valley Stages

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Here are the latest details on the Wye Valley Stages rally.

Sunday 14th November.
Nevill Hall Social Club.
10.00am to 4.00pm approx.
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, Team Slot and Cartrix WRC cars Eligible :-Impreza, Lancer, 206, 306, 307, Clio, Megane, BMW Mini, Saxo, Punto, Focus, Corrolla, Golf, Ibiza, Cordoba, Accent, Octavia, Fabia, Xsara and Celica (Ninco).
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX and Team Slot classic cars
Eligible :- Alpine 110, Alfa sprint GTA, Stratos, Abarth, Austin Healey, Jaguar XK120, Porsche 356, Ferrari 166, AC Cobra, Austin Mini, Escort MK1 and Datsun 280Z.
WRC and Classic :- No magnets, Motors and axles can be glued in.
Tyre's can be from the named manufacturers and must fit on the original hubs. Tyres must not protrude beyond the wheel arches.
Sprung guides can be used with or without springs.
Screws can be loosened to aid body rock.
WRC motors can be changed for any from the named manufacturers without modification to the chassis.
Classic motors must be as original fitting and original manufacturer.
£4 Entry fee per class. Top ten in class receive trophy.
Race on different tracks Scalextric, Ninco and wood.
For further info please call Phil field (01432) 269301

Hope a few of you can make it. Its a very enjoyable fun event. If you need more info contact me or ring Phil Field.

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How about putting these dates and others like them in the SlotForum calendar. It's easy. Even I can do it! I've just done teh two events 250GTO posted.
Ah, you'd think I'd know that. So, PM a mod (not all me, please)
Oh, I'm very tempted.

I'll have to "encourage" a few others to come to share the driving and make sure I get up very early on a Sunday.

Route planner reckons it's three and half hours each way - that means leaving my house at 6:30am! Still, leaving early in the dark, driving to Wales to a rally is just like the old days of following the RAC. Can I enter a 6R4 in the classics to complete the nostalgia?
Not that I'm out in the garage conducting extensive comparative testing on three of the four mentioned surafces or anything, but are you allowed controllers with brakes?
Yes, we'll have sat nav (Never leave home without it!), but I'm more worried about these three queeries who are joining us.
If we get going early enough we should have time for a modest cooked breakfast at one of the nation's fine roadside catering establishments.

Then we'll just need a small pile of energy food to keep us going - you know, Mars bars, crips and Coke - and we can look forward to a light meal of Chicken Madras, Nan bread and fried rice afterwards.

Seriously, thnaks for the warning. I am sure my wife will get up early and make me some fresh sandwiches (Ha,ha, ha!).
A few more questions.

Thinking (too much) about which cars to bring and I wondered - probably stupidly - if we are restricted to one entry per class or does the format allow for multiples. I'll probably stick a few of each in the box anyway - saves making a decision!

Also, and just for curiosity, are the tracks long, short, twisty, covered in flour...

I should just stress, all these questions are not related to preparation or high expectation (other than having a bit of fun).

Sawdust, rain water puddles, sump guards and narrow gaps! Now my curiosity is even higher.

Can't wait, although I expect this enthusiasm may be dimmed slightly by the 5.00AM alarm on Sunday morning.
Home after a great day at the rally.

[Gwyneth Paltrow at Oscars-style]Thanks to Jeff for the copy of his book. Thanks everyone who ran and provided "stages". Thanks to the club members who ran it. Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks to my travelling companions and thanks for my first slot trophy.

Okay, it was for 8th in the classics, but is my first and so special to ME![Gwyneth Paltrow at Oscars-style]
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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