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Wye Valley Stages

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Here are the latest details on the Wye Valley Stages rally.

Sunday 14th November.
Nevill Hall Social Club.
10.00am to 4.00pm approx.
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, Team Slot and Cartrix WRC cars Eligible :-Impreza, Lancer, 206, 306, 307, Clio, Megane, BMW Mini, Saxo, Punto, Focus, Corrolla, Golf, Ibiza, Cordoba, Accent, Octavia, Fabia, Xsara and Celica (Ninco).
Scalextric, Ninco, SCX and Team Slot classic cars
Eligible :- Alpine 110, Alfa sprint GTA, Stratos, Abarth, Austin Healey, Jaguar XK120, Porsche 356, Ferrari 166, AC Cobra, Austin Mini, Escort MK1 and Datsun 280Z.
WRC and Classic :- No magnets, Motors and axles can be glued in.
Tyre's can be from the named manufacturers and must fit on the original hubs. Tyres must not protrude beyond the wheel arches.
Sprung guides can be used with or without springs.
Screws can be loosened to aid body rock.
WRC motors can be changed for any from the named manufacturers without modification to the chassis.
Classic motors must be as original fitting and original manufacturer.
£4 Entry fee per class. Top ten in class receive trophy.
Race on different tracks Scalextric, Ninco and wood.
For further info please call Phil field (01432) 269301

Hope a few of you can make it. Its a very enjoyable fun event. If you need more info contact me or ring Phil Field.

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Just one other thing - the bar will be open 12 - 2 but apart from crisps and nuts etc there is no food available, but Norman Baileys garage is on the Brecon Road less than half a mile from the main entrance where sarnies and pies etc are on sale.
Cheers - Phil B.
If we get going early enough we should have time for a modest cooked breakfast at one of the nation's fine roadside catering establishments.

Then we'll just need a small pile of energy food to keep us going - you know, Mars bars, crips and Coke - and we can look forward to a light meal of Chicken Madras, Nan bread and fried rice afterwards.

Seriously, thnaks for the warning. I am sure my wife will get up early and make me some fresh sandwiches (Ha,ha, ha!).
I will be there on Sunday.

A few more questions.

Thinking (too much) about which cars to bring and I wondered - probably stupidly - if we are restricted to one entry per class or does the format allow for multiples. I'll probably stick a few of each in the box anyway - saves making a decision!

Also, and just for curiosity, are the tracks long, short, twisty, covered in flour...

I should just stress, all these questions are not related to preparation or high expectation (other than having a bit of fun).

I don`t think Phil Field thought about multiple entries per class but I would imagine that each entry would be £4 - course if you ran 4 WRC`s and say two historics it could turn out to be an expensive day!
Most people run one WRC and one Historic and mostly the kids just do one WRC.

As far as the stages go - yes some short and twisty, some faster and flowing the made up Ninco stage is quite long, I`m not sure if the Carrera one will make an appearance as we have six others but I can safely say that the flour will not be used this year as we (I) was a bit over zealous with it on the Aberstone stage last year and we couldn`t get up the hill to the alpine section, resulting in the track being hoovered before the second runs and Don Stanley`s motor being unclogged with switch cleaner.

However the sawdust in the logging area worked quite well and earlier in the year at our local carnival in a leaky old army tent the rain water made it quite interesting so we may have a few puddles, a bit of insulating tape sealing motor and chassis will help, it has been refered to as a sump guard to stop the motor shorting out on the yumps and crests.

Wing mirrors are only an optional extra - probably better if they "fell off" for one tight stage (say no more).

Jeff - it`ll be nice to see you.

Cheers - Phil B.
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Thank you Phil, I am looking forward to it.

Sawdust, rain water puddles, sump guards and narrow gaps! Now my curiosity is even higher.

Can't wait, although I expect this enthusiasm may be dimmed slightly by the 5.00AM alarm on Sunday morning.
I really looking forward to meeting some of the SlotForum members tomorrow I have not meet before.

Home after a great day at the rally.

[Gwyneth Paltrow at Oscars-style]Thanks to Jeff for the copy of his book. Thanks everyone who ran and provided "stages". Thanks to the club members who ran it. Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks to my travelling companions and thanks for my first slot trophy.

Okay, it was for 8th in the classics, but is my first and so special to ME![Gwyneth Paltrow at Oscars-style]
Yes, thanks to all for a great day! Really different to what we are used to and very enjoyable. As usual the day just seemed to slip by. Special thanks to 250GTO for bringing the event to our notice. Phil & the guy on the computer for the overall organising, the other Phil (Aberstone) for the welcome and the great stage (my favourite), all the other stage "co-ordinators" and Rail Racer for popping in to say hello despite more important family matters i.e. impending grandfatherhood!

And a new entry for the "excuses" competition, " I did badly because I left my bobble hat at home".

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Sounds good. Any pics guys?
Hopefully Roly or Phil F. will post some piccies soon (hint, hint), I would just like to thank all the competitors, time keepers, stage providers especially SLOT 32 for supplying the Ninco set for first place in WRC - thank you very much gentlemen.

Out of a fairly chaotic start we were able to run 24 stages on the day, shame I couldn`t find my bag of sawdust, I will re-stock on that.

Scott and company thanks for making the journey it was nice to see some faces from the forum maybe we can travel east someday to an event there.

We look forward to the pictures - Cheers - Phil B.
I have to say how much I enjoyed meeting Scott and Jim, It is alway a pleasure to meet other people who enjoy cars so much.

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