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The NSR Porsche 911 (997 series) is a 'Road Rally ' model. It is a 'proper' rally car model.
As far as them 'taking over' in Modified, only this year has this started to happen. Last year I won the championship, using a more or less standard (Slot it wheels) Avant Slot Peugeot. The NSR 911 showed great potential and I, along with others, choose to run it as my main entry into this years modified championship. If the Modified class had been retained for next years series, then a 'modified' MSC Subaru would have wion the doubt at all!
Wearing my 'predictamonkey' hat, watch out for a top three MSC Monte Carlo chassied, probably Subaru bodied 'take over' of Pro Stock next year, to follow on from this years MSC 'take over' of Pro stock.
But that is perfectly OK, because these are 'real' Rally cars!
Regards Bill.

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We`ve not discussed them yet Chris, I know Gareth is keen for the watersplash to reappear, I`d hazzard a guess at Deadmans, Pembrey 2, Camel and Pinewood. will be amongst them.

Hopefully Russells new routed will make an appearance. The Rally Aberstone track needs a refurb so we might leave that out.

Pics from years ago on our club website.

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Just had a couple of cancellations - ammended the entry list to suit.

Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to come along to this event and of course if you cant make it for any reason.


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Yes Julian, Wales 2011 was my first venture into the unknown! I remember thinking what a plonker driver Martyn was with THAT T shirt, until I only just beat him by two places. Then this year he truly trounced me at the beginning but I am slightly clawing him back towards the end of the series if only on some classes not the Championships.

Never a big fan of the real thing (sorry Phil, too many wheels) but the idea of up to 10 different tracks with 4 cars on each track sounded like fun. It has been a steep learning curve this year but loved every round. A trophy at Oxford with my trusty Celica and beating my nemesis Dave C into 5th place at Farnham with the XK120 have been the highlights, (apart from the Curry house at Wolves of course!).

What will 2013 bring? Well 3 cars are sorted at last for next year, not sure about the Scalextric Production though. Will give it a go, if only I can find a tyre that clears the Crown gear within the rules for my RS200.

At the end of the day, if I have fun, then it is all worth it. I know some take it verrry seriously, and if I were nearer the top of the tree I would probably be the same, but fun is the name of the game for me.

An average of £155.00 spend to each round is worth every penny and for those who make the trip because we always have a good laugh. Pity more UK competitors don't make the trip and support our round in the IOM, but I understand it is not cheap but then look what we pay over the year...........our choice I know, but hey, worth a plug!

Seez you all in Abergavenny soon!
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