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XLC Lane Change Fix

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I have had the one XLC that for ages has not changed lanes on one side only, it would change to go straight through so the sensor was fine but just wouldn't change lanes from right to left, left to right was fine.

I thought I had tried everything and in the end I bought a new XLC to replace it and this holiday I decided to have a proper go at fixing it, prompted by GregK's "Lane Change Fix" pinned thread and RickRocket's "Liven Flipper" video.

In the end I found the problem was a broken yellow wire on the sensor board, a quick solder and all is now good, plus I now have another lane changer in our track (that makes 15) 😎.

Thanks to GregK for his post and RikoRocket for pinning it 😁👍, I hope the photo below is clear enough to see the broken yellow wire.

When I first got back into slot cars 14 years ago I didn't know what a soldering iron was, the stuff I have learned here is amazing not to mention the confidence I have acquired to have a go. A BIG THANK YOU to all the past, present & no doubt future contributors here 👍


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