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XLCs on inclines/declines

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As I'm designing my new routed SSD track, I'm curious if anyone would foresee problems with XLCs that are positioned on inclines or declines? Theoretically, I'm guessing it wouldn't make a difference. The real world, however, is sometimes different than theory.
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Hi jmswms,

I've been experimenting with inclining and declining XLCs for the past couple of weeks; the SSD plastic track layout that I'm working on has three of them, two going up, one going down. The grades are up to 6.5 per cent, and I have had no problems, as long as the XLCs are not tilted more than just slightly, and as long as you do not bend them - whether up or down the flippers insist on staying straight...

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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