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XLCs on inclines/declines

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As I'm designing my new routed SSD track, I'm curious if anyone would foresee problems with XLCs that are positioned on inclines or declines? Theoretically, I'm guessing it wouldn't make a difference. The real world, however, is sometimes different than theory.
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Bill have you decided whether to use standard lane changers from plalstic track, or make your own flippers?

Have my modular routed underway, a couple of modules framed up ready for legs.

I have sent a Ninco LC to my CAD guy, and am going to try and come up with a simplified flipper chape that can be cut in one piece from above on a CNC bed.
WAS thinking of acrylic, but my CNC guys says it will \featrher and shudder and won't cut clean. He thinks polycarbonate will be okay at least to try, and aluminium will be fine. So we will probably test cut some polycarb and some aluminium.
If both cut okay, I'll use mixture to find out whether each works and last well in situ.

Just waiting to see if Maurizio comes out with a solonoid spec/model that can be used if not cannabalizing plastic track LCs for parts.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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