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Xlot's new digital track in progress....

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Our friend Beppe has been hard at work!

Here are a couple of pictures of the new track under construction. I'll leave it to Beppe to explain.....

With kind regards

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QUOTE enhances the realism by not having pick-up rails or tape on the track surface and having such a narrow slot.
I couldn't agree more!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who seem to prefer the surface metalwork, the big slot and the attendant possibility (almost certainty) to deslot and damage your own car and others. I feel that, even without the digital possibilities, Xlot's type of track is infinitely superior.

If you slide or spin, you still lose time, just as it should be - even without an additional, imposed penalty.
There is nothing inherently advantageous in suffering a total deslot and/or a damaged car and this system avoids that very neatly, while still requiring the same high level of expertise to put in good times and win. It's absolutely excellent and I can't understand why anyone could possibly prefer the big open slot. I see NO fun in deslotting, but a LOT of fun in learning to drive well without carnage.

That's quite apart from the fact that the appearance is infinitely superior too!
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QUOTE a LOT of fun in learning to drive well without carnage.
I probably should have said LESS carnage, really referring to embedment in walls, flights to the floor and more exciting flights through open windows! (someone once posted on flights down stairs via the open trap door from an attic/loft circuit!)
I had forgotten about Beppe's anti-collision measures and it looks as though we are going to have to wait to hear more about how they are implemented.

Beppe, I appreciate your system is based on digital control - I was just emphasizing the point that, even if it weren't, it's visual appearance alone is still head and shoulders above the 'model rail' look.
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1 - 2 of 459 Posts
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