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Xlot's new digital track in progress....

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Our friend Beppe has been hard at work!

Here are a couple of pictures of the new track under construction. I'll leave it to Beppe to explain.....

With kind regards

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Hey Beppe,

Did you received my email? I think I have the best solution for any digital car -Xlot or not-. Let me know your opinion.
Great, Beppe.

I don't remember if we discussed this before, but I'm thinking in your guide system and I wonder how should car react when it spins more than 90º and less than 270º? If this happens, car would run in opposite direction.

I guess you plan to run in reverse direction to re-spin again and keep in the same direction. Is that correct?

By the way, hope this summer to have enough free time to dedicate to slot... or Xlot if you prefer
I'll let you know.
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OK, I take it (or I think so)

Anyway, running backwards in reverse direction means running forward, the problem would be track invasion when car is turning (crossed). Perhaps a "overspin detector", something like "if your car turns up to 60º it will stop spinning but a drive-thru penalty will be applied". Just to keep it in mind.

Don't worry, during August I'm on holidays, hope to enjoy free time for Xlot, I'll let you know. I'm thinking to buy a cheap "Scalex/Fly truck set" without trucks and a "digital compatibility set" or a complete digital set, whichever be cheaper-waiting for prices...
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QUOTE (Xlot @ 26 Jun 2004, 22:28)...
About Scalextric Digital/prices : you have seen the thread in the News board, right ? Indeed, if you developed an anti-collision on LC add-on, I believe you would have plenty of customers !
First, Prices fros Switzerland are not a real guide, I mean, they are higher than in Spain (and I hope prices be reduced

About LCCD (Lane Change Collision Detector), should be quite easy: just add a car detector on destination lane, just at the begginning of the curve piece. If a car is detected, lane change sensor should be deactivated and collision avoided. Let me buy one and I'll let you know about news.

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Just two words, Beppe: A - MAZING

Hope you still think we can show Xlot next year in Barcelona's "Saló del Hobby"... you know... maybe some slot maker want to see an "S-tangent" LC working... ;-)
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Hi all.

Sad to hear that, Beppe. By the way, just remembering how the decoder is, has anyone tried to repair one? If the motor is dead but the car is recognized by the LCs maybe H-bridge transistors are the problem. Or, in case of an internal short-circuit, diode bridge might be defective (and it's easy to check with a multimeter). That could be a fast solution until we receive spare decoders.

Trying to help,

You're right, Beppe.

IMHO Digital Slot (DS) has two targets:

-Home user. This is the market for standard makers: Scalextric, SCX, Carrera... ¿Ninco? most probably (hope to be wrong). Here is where the cash flows, Xmas gifts and "standard boys" who buy slot sets just to enjoy a few hours. After all this is nothing but a toy. Now the question "which one will survive?" comes to mind. My answer is "Why should disappear all but one?" All analog tracks keep in market, none disappear and all (almost) incompatible between them. DS will follow a similar path, letting several incompatible DS sets alive for years. "Why this didn't happen in railroad modelling?" Sales are not comparable. That's my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, only time will tell.

-Advanced user. Let's program our time machine a few years ago. After the "big crunch" in early 70's slot was almost forgotten. Nobody was crazy enough to burn money to create specialized, racing parts. Back in the end of the 90's, after the second slot "big bang", brans like Slot.It saw acceptable to produce these racing parts just for a few mad guys who use a toy for racing. And, back to DS, there's a difficult market, "Racing Digital", some kind of toy but much more powerfull, able to emulate those races done in analog. The problem is the development and final price. But let's assume somebody is crazy enough to get a racing approach to DS and wants some help, and coming back on-topic, here's my pray:

A Racing Digital Slot must be/have:
-Run without magnet (
Yeah! I run in Spain)
-Support up to 15 or 16 cars, full power @ high voltage.
-Be short-circuit-proof (no overload message ;-) )
-A programmable lapcounter/timer, DS300 style.
-Able to be mounted on standard racing club track (*)
-100% compatible with Analog track (run an analog or digital race "with a flick of a switch").
-Able to digitize analog cars without body damage.
-LC's can be used as analog tracks.
(I forget something...)

...And should be fine if:
-Resistor controllers be used.
-Just lights be turned on or off.

This can be done. Lack of time, money and resources blocks path to success.

Sorry, what I meant is that "extras" are not important to me. How many controls to you want? First, the trigger. OK, LC is a must (except for BLST ;-) ) ¿Do you want lights ON/OFF per controller? We have three options. Is it necessary Scalextric's brake? I don't think so. What else?
We can make stickers for our cars saying something like "Honk if you run digital"
Keep in mind that 1/32 racing is not 1/1 racing, our tracks cannot be compared to racing circuits, we cannot access all knobs, switches and lights like a real car.

In brief: IF DS is a toy, you can install one googol artifacts to laugh while racing. But keeping DS in a racing approach, many Spanish racers like me would say something like "one switch (LC) is perfect, tow switches (lights?) are enough. Three are too many switches and hard to press during races.

My apologies for this text "heavy as a brick".

(*) Based on "SlotAdictos" forum statistics, most of racing clubs use Ninco track. Some clubs have Carrera, and just a few use Concept/wood surface. At this point Ninco is in a clear advantage against competitors. But it's their responsibility to do it right, or other maker can take advantage of LC compatible with this track to make a DS for Ninco layouts.
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Hi all,

Søren, glad to hear that. I do not dare to enter in CarDCC topic, most probably I would bother an excellent idea. My support on that matter.

As I said, resistor controllers are not essential. Of course, a switch for LC is necessary (Davic style), even a second one for extra option. On the other side, a system BSLT-style is not a bad idea.

Let me ask in Slot Adictos what spanish people want to find in a digital system, specially for racers.

About special features: as I said earlier, you can add whatever you want. But the more the weight, the less the competitivity, and the more difficult driving is. IMHO just basic features are necessary. I suggest to create two different boards, basic & full equip.

Communication: Checksum = 4 bits? Why? Are you thinking in a Huffman-code system? Also accepting extra codes in speed means "loss of control" during this transmission. A starting suggestion to forget control on speed is to accept smooth variations: reading "20" means that next message should be, say, between "18" and "22", otherwise speed value is discarded.

Well, that's a simple idea, should be widely developed if you think it's interesting.

Using your words, "yours most respectfully, Narcís".
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QUOTE (SWoRd @ 4 Feb 2005, 00:04)Hi Beppe
QUOTE (Xlot @ 3 Feb 2005, 22:36)this is very interesting
, but precisely for this reason I believe the last 5 posts should be moved here :

they do seem a valuable part of that thread - I mean I, for one, would then know where to lookPlease feel free to move my posts if you know how to do it.


I agree, but I'm afraid it's not on us. I guess the Administrator and Moderators are the ones who can do it.
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Hi Beppe, all.

Is the end of the project scheduled before November? Just to know if Ninco will see it in Barcelona (I will be so happy to see their faces...). Let me know also the size to find enough room.
OK, I'll keep you informed about the show news, I need the total area required. Let me see what can I do.
Wow! Looks great, Beppe. Is the top left "S"-shaped track a LC? Hard to see.

Go ahead, you're on the right way. Hope to see more pictures soon.
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Hi Beppe.

Amazing, sounds like you solved most of the problems you observed a year ago. Go on, Xlot is close to reach the goal.

BTW, I'll write a brief about your progress to update SlotAdictos spanish forum message using these pictures. I'll keep you informed when finished.


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QUOTE (Xlot @ 26 Jul 2005, 23:53)...and Luca the electronics wizard
No need to mention, it's obvious. Luca looks like the electronics wizard. Doesn't he?

Congratulatios, Beppe, I'm excited waiting to see your first prototype running.
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Happy new year,

Beppe, you're famous now in Spain: "Miniauto Slot" magazine shows a 2-page brief about Xlot (#15, pages 74-75). PM your address, I'll send you a mag.

Good luck, keep on it!
Hi Beppe, all.

Just a quick note: I've received an e-mail from Ninco Club with Nürnberg news. the text beside the n-digital picture states "...8 coches a la vez con la consola básica..." (...8 cars at the same time with basic console...). Does that mean they left the system ready to upgrade with a PRO console for more than 8 cars? Or will we be able to link two consoles, SCX style? I don't know, maybe it's just my imagination. But I keep my hope.
QUOTE (Xlot @ 5 Feb 2006, 07:52)(...)
.... couldn't David Laurent have been involved in N-Digital's development ?
Who knows. You know Ninco's policy, and talking about digital there are a lot of questions like this, and what's going on between Davic and Cric-Crac? We'll have to wait to get the answers.
OK, Beppe, I have no idea how to get those bodies. Perhaps you can find something interesting in the chinese market (do you know the "Jiada" brand?) , even 1/32 plastic static cars.

On the other side...

I can't help imagining a resin cars race. Being so easy to adapt resin bodies to those bases, and knowing they won't deslot... it's the first time to race resin cars safely! (isn't it?)
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