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Xlot's new digital track in progress....

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Our friend Beppe has been hard at work!

Here are a couple of pictures of the new track under construction. I'll leave it to Beppe to explain.....

With kind regards

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He can!
He has!
Let's hope Beppe - Xlot does give us an update - I'll be HIGHLY delighted to see it.
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I finally got to see the video clip!
I had downloaded immediately but events conspired to prevent m from viewing it.

THAT is my idealised way to slot race, bar none.
The best track appearance possible, with no visible rail, tape or braid.
A barely visible slot and cars that slide, spin, can lose time easily through bad driving, yet the action fun factor is permanently retained because they don't deslot. Hugely reduced repair time and cost too (as long as the guide is tough enough to take the punishment).
I don't see how it can ever be better than that - it's marvellous!

I know Beppe believes in a drive through penalty for spinning and that's the only point where we are at variance. My opinion is that the act of spinning or sliding easily loses the driver enough time to make it well worth his while to learn not to do it. As for other cars possibly being impeded, I honestly don't think it matters - it's just a very minor racing incident and 'feels OK' to me.

Regardless of that small difference in opinion, the track is simply wonderful!
(and it would remain every bit as wonderful even without digital lane changing)
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QUOTE I would never have had the nerve to try it on purpose

Just as well it happened because you NEEDED to know this!
It is looking SO good, Beppe.
I really REALLY like it.
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That's a common problem with thumb plungers Beppe.
I know that some thumb plunger controllers are large and not designed for it, but you could try holding it in such way that you operate the plunger with a finger. It will not fit naturally into the hand this way, but it does give your thumb a rest!

Seriously, do try it - it works well with small controllers, though Carreras are a bit of a handful.
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QUOTE definitely, the time lost in a spin and even in a wide slide is enough of a penalty - no need for a mandatory drive-through, thanks Tropi and Meco for insisting

I am really pleased to hear that in particular, Beppe.

Your system seems to be progressing VERY significantly now and I am suffering a great resurgence of enthusiasm! With a few PC problems recently, I lost some continuity in this massive thread. I think the time has come for a thorough re-read from beginning to end - this will keep me out of mischief for some considerable time!
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QUOTE the razor-thin difference between overtaking and being overtaken is finding the optimum speed around the turns, sliding a bit but not too much - and the price of a wide slide is immediately apparent
This is just what I was hoping to read!
The really annoying bit (deslotting) has been removed altogether, leaving pure fun in driving to the best of ability without being terminated.
I'm delighted!
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I managed to get it too!
Great stuff - hell they are fast!
I WANT to try this, hands on, so I do!!!!
A sightly sideways comment and a tip that some of you will already know - it's usually a more satisfying experience to download a video file by right clicking the link and selecting "Save target as . . .". The file should then download (without attempting to play back) and can be played in it's entirety on DL completion, with the bonus that you now have it on your PC should you want to see it again at a later time.

I can fully recommend the FREE DivX Player, which is available from DivX
Still slightly sideways . . .

1. Real Player HAD a bad reputation for being stuffed with spyware etc.
I Don't know if that still applies but I won't risk having the beast on my machine.

2. DrDivX or whatever the latest derivative is called, is not free, but IS cheap (and can be found free if you know where to look). This great application endows you with the ability to convert virtually any video file to DivX (*.avi, also known as MPEG4) and also to compress it as much as you like, to your personally acceptable level of quality. It's superb for compressing Mini DV video from tape camcorders to CD size files and is very easy to use - if I can handle it, any one can!
It is truly EXCELLENT, highly recommended.
Reminder though that the DivX PLAYER itself IS FREE.

Back to Beppe's topic - my apologies for the sideways drift, but I think it was reasonably relevant to the area we had reached. and was meant only to be helpful.
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'Wankelian' is good, though 'Ickxotic' might be even better!

It's good to see this one continuing to run and run.
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Sounds like a horror movie - no wonder you need that X in your name, Beppe!
QUOTE current would be so high that the arm would surely go into saturation.

Beppe, please can you explain what armature saturation means?
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