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Yet another Fly Gulf Ford GT40

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I saw this over on the SPHobbies website:

Fly W07 Ford GT40, 1st 1000 km Spa 1968, Brian Redman, Euros 60.00.

Gulf GT40 collectors will need lots of shelf space!

Kind regards

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I am getting the impression that collectors are pushing the prices skyward. Fly especially seems to be catering them lately. Slot cars over $100us just aren't going to be raced (not by me, anyway) maybe they know this and aren't worried so much about the "running" quality?
The only shelf queens I have are those veterans too beaten up to run anymore and are retired for a much deserved rest and reminiscence of past glory. My shelf doesn't gleam with new cars. For that kind of money, I can have three cars with the tuning goodies for racing. Now it's time for some laps!!!

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