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Note that 6 cars can run on a 2 lane track.

Therefore your team of 6 racers from the UK could compete against a team of 6 racers from the USA and a team of 6 racers from Australia. There will be team leagues as well as solo leages.

It is not just a solo thing.

Is "Team Britain" going to accuse "Team America" and "Team Australia" of cheating!

Even those of you that sit at home all day on your own can get together on the internet and form a cyber team to take on other cyber teams. You then total up your team times in team competitions.

Your team will have weaker members so get together and help them. This is called "team bonding" and just one of the ways your experiance will be enhanced.

Just wait and see. You are all going to be amazed.

Sales of web cams are suddenly going to take off. Some of you might see me live for the first time!

Now that thought has just put everybody here buying into the system!

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