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Yingling Update

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When was your last update? I think I have the most current but somebody said there was an update.

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Hmm, it seems the lap recording didn't work any longer.
We didn't find any recorded laps in the result file.
And yes, we flagged it correctly in the settings.
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QUOTE (b.yingling @ 16 Nov 2011, 14:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you're the same fellow that sent me an email with this question- you need to select a result on the screen before the 'Lap Times' button will be enabled. This is because a results file could have 150 (or more) races in it. You may have recorded lap times for only 3. So the software lets you click the 'Lap Times' button only when you've selected a race result that actually has recorded times.
No I'm not - since I haven't your email address yet.

I will go and test it again.

Nevertheless, I'm writing a complete guide for your software and some functions or buttons even features are not or not deeply enough explained in the actual documentation.
I want also cover such infos like the search path, where your software is looking for audio- or other files - even if they described and valid in the d132 config file.
Also such minor but also important details about the ratio of the pictures - I already found here in another thread (4:3).
I also have question related to the gui itself, where you setup your car, speed, brake and tank. If you click on the wrong control, all three fields are resetted. Bug or feature. This leads me to the idea of writing a more complete german PDF documentation about your famous race management software.
You are talking about a linux version?! As I am also a software developer in database driven application, maybe I can give you a hand?

I guess I will format it into a more structured letter, and sent it to you by PN.
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QUOTE (b.yingling @ 16 Nov 2011, 19:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am not going to document the file paths. The only paths that matter are those that the program sets at program start. Leave them all where they are is the best advice. If you wish to change default sound files, go ahead, just copy your files overtop of the program defaults. I'm surprised no one has created a set of German language sound files to replace the ones that are suppled with the program.

Ok, but even with a new installation of your software (1.600), the program will search for sound files in a drive which didn't exists.
When I start a training for example, a window showed up and tell, me, the sound file E:\BRUCE\Sounds\trainingisover.wav didn't exist. Sound will be disabled"....
Thats the reason why I ask for the mechanism of search paths in your software...
QUOTE (b.yingling @ 16 Nov 2011, 21:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There is no 'trainingisover.wav'. There is a 'practiceover.wav'. The program will find it unless you've hidden it
Yes, sorry for this typo - I wasn't at the right system atm.

QUOTE (b.yingling @ 16 Nov 2011, 21:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The only way that happens is if you modify the default names or locations of the files, or go mucking about in the d132.ini file.
If you extract the zip file, and preserve all paths contained in the zip- in other words, if you follow the instructions- this won't happen.

This is exactly what I did - because everything else is not reasonable. I moved my old installation somewhere save and generate a new folder, extract the "complete" zip file into it. Start the executable, Cu was found and the extra register appear, enable sound in the settings and start a practice session.
By pressing ESC to end this session, this window appears and told me, there is now wav file at the drive letter I never had at this system.

I will go into it for more details....
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