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Bernard, it's "Yonezawa" with a "z", and these are MINE!!! MINE!!!

Seriously, a beautiful set that came in a square box that is difficult to find nowadays, but the cars are not that rare by themselves.
I LOVE front-engine Indy cars, and of course the white one is a replica of sorts of AJ Foyt's 1961 Indy-500 winner, with adverts done in such a way that the Japanese company would not be subjected to the same lawsuits they had when JC Agajanian, the owner of the 1952 winning car driven by Troy Ruttman, blew his Stetson hat high in the atmosphere and sued Yonezawa for the following infringement to their attempt to breathe his air:

So the toys were removed from the stores shelves, destroyed and that was it, until 1955 when Yonezawa re-issued the toy with new markings:

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

In 1961, they did not make the same mistake, and issued a new large toy with the same markings:

At the same time, they issued the same toy but in a smaller size, first as a friction powered model seen above with the larger one, then as an electric powered version as seen on Bernard's set.

These are very nice toys, made of printed thin sheet-steel of a quality only the Japanese and German toy makers were able to offer in the 1950-1960's.


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