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Evergoree-It would be nice to join forces to get a replacement club,but i live a 40minute drive north of York and Hull is in the other direction.(I am at Thirsk).I dont really know what the answer is.I don't think you have any clubs your way.
Chris,the club shuts when Pete sells his house.With the intrest he has had i can see us only having 2-3 months max.I can ask Pete if we could maybe arrange a Saturday for some exnercs to come down and form your own oppinion of our type of racing.
I was about to start Nercs championship nights,my new standard F1 arrived today.Oh well,it can sit with the others.A new club would be good to envolve ex Nercs car's and maybe a bit of York too.You never know.My enthusiasm and time is low at the moment.A large garden shed club for 8-10 guys with a permanent track is my ideal thoughts.
Will keep you all updated
cheers DD
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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