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Yorkley Autumn Classic. Sept 25th 2011

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Hi Mike.
I hope you do get a few more entries, a real shame if you have to cancel the event. I concur with Tony's post about the value and quality of your events...the best!
As Phil pointed out, part of the problem is the dreaded 'date clash', this seems to happen more often these days due to there being far more slot meetings than ever.
As well as the 'Flanders two/four' three of your Yorkley regulars will be at Farnham for the SRGB round.
I will have a word with the Wolves guys on Friday and see if I can get any interest from them.
Regards Bill.
Hi Mike.
Good news indeed!
I will enter class 1, if it helps. I have models suitable for all classes, but have just started to re-configure the Maserati A6GS I bought from you, as a early sports version. I just need to fashion some cycle wings from my favourite thin alloy sheet, and it will be good to go.
You can then put me down for;
Class 1, class 3, class 4.
Cheers Bill.
Hi Mike.
Thanks to you and your good lady, for another terrific days classic racing. The mornings weather was not the best, but the makeshift pit 'Tent' did its job!
I thought at the time my couple of de-slots when leading you in the class 1 final might prove right I was!
Well done to Mike Thompson on his overall win, the first non Mick/Bill Yorkley Classic overall winner. (just hope he does'nt make a habit of it!).
Great speed shown by young Ben Clements, I think its time his 'Tuner' (Dad Keith) let him prepare his own models!!
As always at your events, the food and refreshments were superb, many thanks to Mrs Wall for that.
Please put me down for the June 2012 Classic.
Kind regards Bill.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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