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You Lucky Barstewards! ALL ONLINE NOW!

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Hi guys, back and feeling human again. Loads to sort out and post for you from the weekends racing so I thought I would give you all a teaser of what's to come:

Igualada 24hr Race - Full Race and Team Report. This Event just Blew us away I am STILL buzzing ! Now Online HERE

SlotIts 'Porsche 956' - Review. Now Online HERE
SlotIt Breaking News Report - with special comparison! Now Online HERE
SlotIts 'Audi R8C' - Comparison. Now Online HERE
DSCFs 'Volvo S70' - First Test. Now Online HERE
Scalextric Porsche GT3 Kit - first pics. Now Online HERE
Dapretto Breaking News. Now Online HERE
Slot Classics 'Pegaso Spyder' - what you get. Now Online HERE
GSR Magazine - Latest Issue Review, News and cover Pic. Now Online HERE
Swissracers 'Name the track' Competition Results. Now Online HERE

So - back to some decent coffee
and the keyboard...

Watch this space!
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BSN, glad to hear your back.. we had heaters on on monday (yes that means duffle coats and bomber jackets next week

er will email you what were racing..

oh and guess who didnt show? (apart from you!)

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