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You Lucky Barstewards! ALL ONLINE NOW!

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Hi guys, back and feeling human again. Loads to sort out and post for you from the weekends racing so I thought I would give you all a teaser of what's to come:

Igualada 24hr Race - Full Race and Team Report. This Event just Blew us away I am STILL buzzing ! Now Online HERE

SlotIts 'Porsche 956' - Review. Now Online HERE
SlotIt Breaking News Report - with special comparison! Now Online HERE
SlotIts 'Audi R8C' - Comparison. Now Online HERE
DSCFs 'Volvo S70' - First Test. Now Online HERE
Scalextric Porsche GT3 Kit - first pics. Now Online HERE
Dapretto Breaking News. Now Online HERE
Slot Classics 'Pegaso Spyder' - what you get. Now Online HERE
GSR Magazine - Latest Issue Review, News and cover Pic. Now Online HERE
Swissracers 'Name the track' Competition Results. Now Online HERE

So - back to some decent coffee
and the keyboard...

Watch this space!
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...not to much coffee for Swiss - seems that Brit's get some serious heart problems else...

Keen to read the reports! Go on mate!
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