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Your favourite threads?

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We'd like to start featuring some of the best recent threads on SlotForum on our Facebook page, with a few teaser photos and a link back to the original thread here.

So we'd like your suggestions. Which threads do you think deserve a bit of extra exposure?

They can be on any subject, any scale and any style. They can be any length, and any age. If you think a thread is a good read, let us know.
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Hub's Swedish Rally Track thread is the first one that comes to mind.
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Mexican Airfield, Little round the houses track, S-ring for a start. Haven't checked if Photo'uckit has messed them up though!
Great calls, those can definitely go on the list. Apart from the Mexican airfield, which has unfortunately been destroyed by photobucket.
So annoying. I had saved the Mexican Airfield track but only got Page 1 by mistake!

my vote would of gone to the Mexican as well

Anything by jmswms especially Rally des alpes themed track and anything by Rallyhub
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Thanks for the suggestions, and thanks for the link Ade.

Remember they don't have to be the best ever threads on SFI, just anything interesting.

Any suggestions for things other than track builds?
Building the Peel!!

Betta and Classic bodies.
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Another vote for the Peel !
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That crazy Cosworth F1 scratchbuild!
Good suggestions. I'm going to start with the Peel this week, as it's got a couple of votes, it's a recent thread, and it's already been mentioned in the group.

Next week, I'll feature the S-Ring thread, and the week after who knows?

The Cosworth scratch build is another PB casualty I'm afraid.

Keep the suggestions coming.
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Hello Jason,

The movie "The Italian Job" registers with car fans of all ages so how about the build thread by YakBoy -

It starts off a bit slowly though, so maybe you jump to a post part way in.

Great suggestions there, two lovely builds. They're now on the list.

Any suggestions for more scratch built cars, or maybe there are some good tuning or digital threads?

All suggestions welcome.
Ian Hardings (MIH on here ) in car pro thread, Rikirockets high power mod for the c7042apb , can't do links at the moment though on not so smart phone.
Model Murdering is an excellent HO scratch building thread. Lots of innovative ideas and his results are stunning.

What about Conti_Rowland's Brabham fan car thread? That was good fun and the car looked great.
I've just checked and Bill's thread on here is called Custom HO Projects. Unfortunately he has been blighted by broken picture syndrome.
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