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Your Golden Epoch?

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Most motor racing folk look back to their favourite eras from time to time because we have brains that store memories. Like all 'disciplines' motor sport, in all its forms, has gone through highs and lows, but even during troughs, we can often reflect on something that has been stored in our minds with affection.

As usual your views and images will always be of great interest. And thanks.

A few memory joggers below.


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I have often wondered why turbines were such a short-lived branch on the automotive evolutionary tree.

They are certainly simpler than reciprocating engines and run on much lower grade fuel. Their essentially universal use in aircraft applications suggests a better power-to-weight ration.

Is it throttle response? fuel consumption? maintenance requirements?


Scroll to page 36 for some of the problems for racing applications. The rest of it is interesting reading as well...

I read somewhere, probably Motor Sport magazine, that the turbine produced more power with less clearance between blades and casing, this was adjustable with a screwdriver! So the Pratt & Whitney guys would set conservativly and the Lotus guys would adjust it back till it tinkled

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Ah Colin Crabbe.
I was in the Woodcote grandstand for the 69 (I think) GP.
I'll never forget the sight of him exiting Woodcote in his W125 rear tyres wreathed in smoke.
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Colin Crabbe (2) The above awoke another memory.
Back in 1975 I was working at Corby steelworks on a sub contract basis updating their gas main drawings.
I'd managed to wangle lodgings in a Ruddles Brewery pub
The Royal Oak at Duddington where the A47 crosses the A43 just outside Stamford. I was aware Crabbes garage, Antique Automobiles was not far away at Baston in the Fens, and decided a trip over one evening was in order. Hence the S4 Seven was pointed in that direction and soon got me there

The showroon was still open, with one guy working on a vintage car of some description, cant remember what sorry but I was allowed to stand and watch for a few minutes before returning back for a few more pints of Ruddles County Ale

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