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Your Golden Epoch?

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Most motor racing folk look back to their favourite eras from time to time because we have brains that store memories. Like all 'disciplines' motor sport, in all its forms, has gone through highs and lows, but even during troughs, we can often reflect on something that has been stored in our minds with affection.

As usual your views and images will always be of great interest. And thanks.

A few memory joggers below.


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I can't see how the Lotus 29 can be described as elegant with those enormous front wheels.

The Studebaker prototype was Porsche Type 542.

The Type 547 is the four cam in the 550 et alia.

My golden epoch coincided with the careers of Masten Gregory, Jim Clark and Dan Gurney.

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What a brilliant idea!

Start a new thread.

I'll contribute.

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