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Jim Moyes
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Mod Name: Mr.M

Real Name: Jim

Age: 55

Nationality: British

Location: Hampshire, UK

How long on SlotForum: Since the first few days

How long a mod: Since 2008

Real job: Self Employed in Vehicle Recovery/Transport

Slot History
: First set bought by Mum when I had just turned three, then increased the collection to about thirty cars and scenic layout over the next 8-10 years. All except layout got put away in about early 70s. Then in 1989 I decided to introduce my stepson to Scalextric, but ended up buying HO for the much bigger layout. I then found out that, despite several house moves, my parents had kept all my childhood stuff. So in trying to find out what I could flog it for, I was fortunate in finding that my local model shop owner was a keen racer and there was actually a club in my village! Joined the club, then the NSCC and here I am many enjoyable years later. Still with those original 30 cars and about 4,000 more!

Slot Personality: Best summed up as "a bit weird". Have a liking for small low powered cars. I collect a bit, kit bash a bit and race a lot.

Favourite Slot Car: Currently SCX Abarth 1000TC.

Wood or Plastic? Wood

Digital or Analogue?

Swapmeet or eBay? Swapmeet

Least Favourite thing about SlotForum: Very occasionally there can be snobbery or blinkered vision from some.

Best thing about SlotForum
: Making people aware that what could be perceived as a small hobby is a thriving one.

Bob Chapman
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Admin Name Chappy
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Real Name : Robert (Bob) Chapman
Age : 64

Nationality : Canadian/ English
I was born in Hillingdon South Ruislip and at age 4 moved to Canada with my family. I returned to attend College in Herts and after about a year and a half of studies returned to Canada .
My career and family took off and after 32 yrs retired to a relaxed life style.

Location : Ontario Canada

How Long on SF : 2013

How Long a Mod : 2014 ish
Real Job : Trying to maintain the relaxed retirement daily.

Slot History : I was introduced to slots or Scalextric more precisely when I was 5 and have had a life long love of the hobby.

Favorite Slot Car : The very last one I have hand built

Wood Or Plastic : Wood , I really enjoy making my own tracks and the scenics.

Digital or Analog : I race analog at home and in my clubs, but have enjoyed some very close digital racing also.

Swap meet or Ebay : Swap Meet.

Least Favorite thing about SF : People who are constant downers .

Favorite thing about SF
: The variety of great members and the willingness to share information to help each other along

9,692 Posts
Mod Name: dgersh

Real Name: Don (Gershon) Siegel, (to explain my ID)

Age: 64

Nationality: US, but resident in France for 34 years

Location: Paris

How long on SF: almost since the beginning

How long a Mod: August 2005

Real Job: Technical translator/copywriter

Slot History: Got first sets in 62-63, an Eldon and an Aurora, raced at home and raceways for about 5 years; raced at commercial tracks again after college in 73-75, then was totally out of it until rediscovering slots at the 1992 Paris Hobby Show. Did modern slot racing (Parma, etc.) for the next ten years or so, while developing collection and getting more and more interested in vintage, which is about all I do these days. I had kept my magazines and books, but not the cars...

Slot Personality: Viscount of Vintage, fan of slot car history and the variety of slots.

Favorite slot car: any interesting scratch-built car - and the many strange permutations that have studded the history of slot racing!

Wood or plastic? Prefer wood, will stoop to plastic when I have no choice. (but Carrera is almost acceptable...)

Digital or Analogue? Analog, but early experience with Davic system in Paris.

Swapmeet or eBay? Both, mostly ebay cause not many swap meets these days.

Least favourite thing about SlotForum: Occasionally having to deal with people's agendas and closed-mindedness.

Best thing about SlotForum: Being able to meet like-minded folks and discuss things in a friendly way; plus the general open-minded approach compared to a lot of other forums.

David K Phillipson
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Mod Name: DaveKP

Real Name: David Phillipson

Age: 60

Nationality: British

Location: Mansfield UK

How Long on SF: 15 years

Real Job: Self employed electrician

Slot History: racing brass chasis on a portable track in the 70s at school in Kent, wife and daughter bought me scalextric F1 set and mini set for birthday in 2006, now they wish they hadn't
Regular attendee at NSSRC in Longton, and compete in the NSR GT3 championship

Slot Personality: very good loser with a lot of practise (at losing)

Favorite Slot Car (s): NSR mosler, simca matra

Wood or Plastic? wood

Digital or Analogue? analogue but nothing wrong with digital

Swapmeet or Ebay? either but mostly specialist suppliers

Least Favorite Thing about Slotforum: rudeness and bullying by a few members with nothing better to do

Best Thing About Slotforum: so much information in one place

10,123 Posts
Mod Name: RikoRocket

Real Name: Colin (aka Riko)

Age: 61

april sony phone 047.jpg

Nationality: British

Location: Kent, UK

How long on SlotForum: Since 2006

How long a mod: ~ 2017 (initially just on digital)

Real job: Fast Jet electronics system design

Slot History: Four lane Scalextric set bought for the family in 1964. I had acquired all rights by 1968. Still have the track and cars, it has never stopped being used (albeit track is like triggers broom - replaced piece by piece over time…). Survived everyone turning their backs on slot racing to race on computer simulators. I was working out how to get the computers to control the Scalextric cars! Track expansion happened when I bought a house with a 33ft long garage and direct access from the hall. (Thats a 10 metre straight for those of younger years)


Cars were all bought to race, and modified to be competitive. I loved the first V12 motors, lots of magnet on the cars, when raced hard they would last one day, maybe two before they would be on the main straight with a stream of smoke following them…

Found SlotForum in 2006 looking for clues to fix my blown digital powerbase, first thread I posted was a photo guide to replacing the power mosfets.

Helped Scalextric design C7042, redesign of rev G and H chips, changes to XLC and involved with ARC early development. Lost touch when Adrian left.

Slot Personality: Faster is better, life is too short for R1's.

Favourite Slot Car: 50 year old Scalextric C28 Alpine A310 with a Riko motor in it

Wood or Plastic? Plastic

Digital or Analogue? Digital and Analogue


Swapmeet or eBay? Swapmeet

Least Favourite thing about SlotForum: petty arguments that are unnecessary. People taking things all too seriously. I play with toys, what's your excuse?

Best thing about SlotForum: Helping people to discover how great slot racing (and in particular digital slot racing) can be.


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