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Zanavi Nissan 350 & Red Bull 575

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I TOO had a little spare time over Xmas Holidays, and decided to build/paint some new GT cars for my own collection.

My effort at the JMB Racing 575 Maranello.. Spare Carrera Ferrari after I bought the Monza Set, so, it had to be re-painted.

Then, I bought the Autoart Nissan 350 Z "Fairlady", to convert to the JGTCXANAVI Nissan. Much re-building required, as the Autoart car is VERY thin in comparison to other cars.. To Fit onto the intended HRS chassis, I had to blow out the Wheel Arches quite a bit with modelling putty and much sanding, but the finished/semi-finished car looks pretty cool..

I just LOVE this car's rear end.. Those tail lights are awesome...

Here's a pic of the real car...


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QUOTE ...but the finished/semi-finished car looks pretty cool..


That's what AA should have given us in the first place, the fools. Perhaps it is what Ninco will give us.

Quality work.
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