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Hi desherburne
What sort of track do you want?
If a simple oval is what you want then 6 lane 1/24 or 8 lane 1/32 will fit in a 6x18 footprint. If you want a more complex track then , as others have said, you'd do better to go to fewer lanes or a larger footprint.(or both)
Are you planning to run the track fitted to the trailer or is the trailer just for track transport and you'll set it up out of the trailer when you arrive?
A 18x6 track rigid enough to move in one piece is going to be heavy enough to need quite a few pairs of hands to move it. Unless you're sure you'll have enough manpower when you need it, making it in smaller pieces is advisable. If you are going to have smaller pieces anyway, then a larger footprint modular track (as suggested above) might be attractive.
Unless you are aiming to set it up on the floor (which has practical disadvantages) you'll need to bring your own track legs or arrange to have tables you can use where you set it up.
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