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The reference to the 5000GT is erroneous. That was a road car, and the Allemano bodied version first appeared in September 1961.

The breadvan Maserati was a re-built Tipo 151 as Phil stated, and had the same wheelbase as the original at 2300 mm.The info attached (from "Maserati" by Richard Crump and Rob de la Rive Box) does give the origin of the breadvan's engine as the 5000GT though, which may be the cause of the confusion.

In "Maserati, a history" by Rob Pritchard, he states that the 1962 Maserati-France Tipo 151 (the red one with white stripes) crashed at Le Mans, and was re-built for 1963 race with a shorter wheelbase and a larger engine of 4941 cc - which is the same as the 5000GT road car. This car retired in 63 but is reported to have again been re-built for 1964 for Colonel Simone of Maserati France, as the breadvan. The car was built and tested by the Maserati works, but was presumably funded by Col. Simone. It raced at Le Mans in 1964 and was crashed at the 65 Le Mans test weekend, killing "Lucky" Casner.

Research into Maserati history is a case of "here be dragons". It is said of the 250F that of the 32 built, 41 are still racing.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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